The purpose of the “elevator pitch” (30 to 60 second presentation) is to educate us on who is a great referral for you. This helps keep your business top of mind and helps us to know what to listen for in our daily life.

Less is more. Never take more than 60 seconds. If you take too long, people will tune out and may even feel resentful towards you, the opposite of what you are trying to do.

Let the following formula guide your presentation

  1. Introduce yourself. Your name, your company, what you do and a quick overview of your business.
  2. The specific aspect of your business that you want to educate us on. If you have more than one, only focus on one area per week. If you talk about too much, you risk confusing or overwhelming the audience.
  3. The specific request or call to action. Ask for a specific type of referral. Or a specific type of customer that you are targeting. The more specific, the more likely that it will stick with us.
  4. The conclusion. Restate your name and your company, along with a memory hook or tagline if you have one.


  1. Hello I am John Doe of 123 Acupuncture. We help people get out of pain, recover from injuries and be less stressed.
  2. One of the things that acupuncture is very effective at treating is athletic injuries. We combine both eastern and western medicine to help athletes recover fast.
  3. I would like an introduction to any runners that you know. They may run for fun, they may be weekend warriors or they may compete in big events like marathons or triathlons. I can help them perform better by treating their aches and pains and helping keep everything flexible and functional.
  4. Once again I am John of 123 Acupuncture. Getting out of pain is as easy as one…two…three.
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