Inviting visitors to a San Diego Pros meeting is an art and its success starts with your mindset.

Don’t invite people to become members

We don’t invite people to become members, we just invite them to check out the meeting. Joining is their own decision and it is our job to demonstrate the value of the group to them.

We do this by being on time, being fully present and focused on the meeting (not on our phones) and making sure to pass referrals every week.

Even if a visitor just comes to one meeting, their attendance has the potential to increase your business network, grow sphere of influence and lead to potential strategic alliances.

Focus on activity, not results

It is our responsibility to invite visitors and to make sure they are well looked after at the meeting.  How we present ourselves as a team and the energy we create has a strong influence on the visitor’s decision to join the group or not.

As a member, your responsibility is to successfully invite a minimum of six visitors a year. One every two months! How many have you invited to date?

Not everyone you invite will accept the invitation and not everyone who says they will come will come. If we want to get six people to attend we will possibly have to invite eighteen. To do this we need to get comfortable talking to people, even strangers to create a pipeline of people we can bring to the table.  We need to get our mindset right about why we are inviting. Remember, each visitor has the potential to dramatically increase your business.

Let’s face it, it is easier to develop your business working with warm market contacts than it is trying to outspend your competition in advertising. Everyone who sits at the conference table has the potential to become a warm market contact. Treat them well, develop a follow up marketing strategy and you will be able to open any door you want.

But first we have to get them to the breakfast table.

The following notes are practical and proven to work. Choose the ones to suit you and don’t be afraid to stretch your comfort zone. If you want to grow your business you must grow yourself.

Inviting is Easy – When You Say Less

SCRIPT A: Script to use when calling people you already know.

Hello …

“How are you? Let me tell you why I’m calling.

I’m working with a group of professional business people in San Diego and they are looking for a Biscuit Designer to refer ongoing business to.

I would like to recommend you, but I need to know if you are in a position to take on more business?” (If the answer is Yes then start to bring the conversation to a close.)

“Great, in that case perhaps we can arrange for you to meet the group. We meet at 7:00am for coffee, we are serious about business and we’re always finished at 8:30am so that everyone can get on with their day. Can you be available next Thursday?

Just remember to bring plenty of business cards. See you Thursday.”


Alternative Script: Someone you don’t know well

“John, am I right in saying that you are looking to grow your business? (Yes) I thought so.

“I have recommended you to a guy named Paul Clegg. He is looking for a good Biscuit Designer to refer business to, but I wanted him to speak to you before he contacts all the other biscuit designers in the area. Will you take his call?”

If you say anything more or less than this, it will sound like a sales pitch and turn them off. So don’t.


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