At our last meeting, we talked about having a big push to invite visitors to our next mixer which will be held April 18, 2018 at 5:30pm at Lazy Dog in Mission Valley (more info here).

Make An Appointment

This one works best with a client or colleague that you already know. Rather than just asking them to check out a meeting or mixer if they are free, set it as an appointment with them. And follow up.

Invite Them to Hear a Specific Speaker

Instead of inviting a visitor to the meeting, invite a visitor to listen to a specific member speak. Let the meeting sell itself and demonstrate its own value to the visitor.

Invite Them to Meet a Specific Member

This one works great if you are targeting a potential power team member for an existing member in the group. Instead of just making an e-mail or phone introduction between the member and potential referral, invite the referral to come to the meeting to meet them. That kills two birds with one stone so to speak.

Pitch the Meeting as “Free Publicity”

We all like free publicity, right? Offer the potential visitor free publicity. They get to come to a free meeting, introduce themselves and their business and pass out their business card. Again, this method ultimately relies on the meeting demonstrating its own value to the guest.

Ask Them To Support You

Invite someone a week that you are presenting. Ask them to come support you. This method just gets the guest in the door. Again, it’s important that the meeting demonstrate its own value.

Take The Indirect Approach

Ask colleagues for introductions to people they know in a certain category (for example, acupuncturists). And then reach out to those acupuncturists to invite them to the meeting. This provides a warmer introduction than a cold call.

The easier methods just help us to get the guest in the door. These methods are intentionally vague. They rely on having a dynamic meeting where we are all putting on our A Game. Meaning we are all present, on time, paying attention and ideally bringing referrals and testimonials. We want to make the guest want to come back and be part of our group.

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