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Spotlight Speakers

Jake Sutton

Jake Sutton

Financial Advisor

Jake led a discussion of a monthly budget worksheet used to help clients identify expenses and how they spend their money each month.  After looking at the worksheet and analyzing the data, then clients can better determine if their spending habits are meeting their financial goals.

Most Valuable Pro

Jake Sutton was nominated by Emily Spillman for his continual contributions to San Diego Pros.  


San Diego Pros Business

Committee Reports


Our social media has been updated through the end of the year with our upcoming meetings. We need to choose our holiday party and final meeting of the year.

Socials / Outreach

Our next social will be at Coasterra on August 16 – please be sure to RSVP either Going or Not Going. No maybes. Brenda needs a specific head count to know how much food to order.


We need to update our speaker schedule through the end of the quarter. If you have not signed up yet, please do so with Emily as soon as possible.


Michael is going to work on re-designing the membership application and putting it directly on the website to be a fillable PDF and follow the new branding guidelines.

Michael is also working on an on-boarding workbook for new members  hopefully within the next quarter.


We are solvent per Dave.

Old / New Business

Jake is going to be hosting a social security webinar through Edward Jones on August 20th. This will be a great opportunity to have any of your questions answered. Additional information will be forthcoming.

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