Referral networking groups are a great way to grow your business, together with other like-minded businesses. However, the usual 60 second “elevator pitch” time that is given during a meeting isn’t enough to properly educate the group on what you do or what kind of referrals you are looking for.

That is where the 10 minute presentation comes in. The 10 minute networking presentation is an excellent opportunity to give a much longer explanation about: what you do, why you do it, what problem you solve and what kind of referrals you are looking for.

But being prepared is key. Coming unprepared for your speaking slot won’t only be a wasted opportunity, but it can actually hurt your reputation and referrability. Here are some tips, tricks and best practices to make sure that you are getting the most out of your presentation.


  • Explain to us how we as your referral partners can help you find new business
  • Educate us on what industries and types of clients you like working with
  • Write it, Rehearse it, Practice it, Time it
  • Get feedback
  • Use displays, handouts and/or multimedia


  • Be unprepared
  • Tell us what is going on in your personal life
  • Talk about unrelated past jobs or experiences

Anatomy of an Ideal 10 Minute Presentation

  • 1 Minute About Yourself
    • Education
    • Credentials
    • Experience in industry
  • 2 Minutes About Your Company
    • Where business is conducted (at your office, at client’s office, online, etc)
    • Unique products or services
    • Hot products
    • How your company is innovative
  • 2 Minutes About Your Present Customers
    • Tell us how you helped client(s) solve a problem – be specific
    • Use facts or figures whenever possible
    • Give a specific client testimonial when possible
  • 2 Minutes About Your Desired Customers
    • Tell us what specific industries you like working with
    • How can we find people in that industry?
    • What specifically should we listen for when having a conversation with someone?
  • 1 Minute on Power Partners, Contact Spheres and Professions Needed
    • Who is a good referral partner for you?
    • What specific industries should the group invite to help you?
  • 1-2 Minutes Conclusion / QA
    • Finish with something that suitably rounds off your presentation. Due to the recency effect, the end of your presentation is likely to be one of the most memorable parts for most people in the audience. Make it count with a sales call-to-action, or details of a future opportunity, a web address for further contact, or even just a final summary of your points.
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