For most people, striking conversations with total strangers is right up there with forgetting to wear clothes to work. However, on the other hand, others look at this as the ideal way to broaden their business networking circle. If you belong to the former group of people then you must be stuck wondering, how can you increase your connections which indirectly boosts your business growth? Here in this article, with some assistance with San Diego networking, we have listed a few tips to help you do just that. 

Finding The Right Business Networking Event

When looking at all the events and deciding which one to attend, the only thing on your mind should be whether it can help your business in some way. This will ensure that you have positive associations with this event all through the course of it. Also, look for networking events that happen regularly as the. These may be after-work gatherings, seminars, San Diego networking or breakfasts. These events will enable you to create an ongoing impression. You must not leave major business trade events out of the mix as they offer unparalleled opportunities for networking. These can be events focused at small and large businesses. 

Prepare For The Event Well In Advance

It is a good habit to stay informed about all the upcoming events in your industry through various channels like San Diego networking and other similar organizations. If you come across any event that will benefit your organization then you must get in touch with the organizers of that event. Most of them will be more than happy to share if you ask nicely. From the list of all the attendees, you can identify the most valuable prospects beforehand through systems like the Rolodex or even through your internal CRM system. 

Along with knowing who to speak to, you must scan the business news of your industry to have something to talk about when you finally do meet them at the event. 

Come Up With A Compelling “Elevator Pitch”

You must be prepared to tell someone what your business does and why it matters in under 30 seconds. This is quite a powerful thing as the attention span of most people in under 9 seconds so unless you pique their interest in that time, there is no point in saying anything more to them. San Diego networking firm advice business owners to keep it short but descriptive. If it is too vague then it might be counterproductive so it must include what you do and how that is making a difference to the lives of people. 

Move Around

It is all too easy to stick to the corners in a room full of people, especially for the first time attendees. This is a completely natural reaction that you, as a business owner must overcome to boost your networkability. One such way to overcome this situation is by taking a colleague along with you. This creates an opportunity where two people tell the story of your business rather than just one person. This simple thing can enhance the appeal of your business by a great deal. 

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